Keynote Addresses

Please note that The International Congress of Psychology is a unique event comprising several thousand participants in over 40 thematic areas. Each ICP 2020 theme has its own scientific working group  and program track. Experts in the particular field select an outstanding and respected expert to present a Keynote Address at the thematic plenary session. Keynote Addresses remains very special presentation which is honorary and their speakers were nominated in a very competitive process.

Clinical Psychology

Bernal Guillermo Puerto Rico In Search of a Global Family Psychology
Dudley-Grant Rita British Virgin Islands Disasters and the Role of Regional Psychology(ies): A Caribbean Perspective
Gewirtz Abigail United Kingdom of Great Britan  
Khoury Brigitte Lebanon  
Sodi Tholene South Africa Botho/Ubuntu as a foundation for an African-centred and contextually relevant psychology
Stelios Georgiades Cyprus  
Zinchenko Yuri Petrovich Russian Federation Crossroads and Labyrinths of Psychology: from Classical Patterns to Post-Nonclassical Future

Cognitive Psychology

Boroditsky Lera United States of America  
Denis Michel France Space, spatial cognition, navigation: Where psychology meets technology
Guo Xiuyan China  

Herlitz Agneta

Houdé Olivier



The impact and stability of sex differences in cognition


Matsuzawa Tetsuro Japan Evolution of human mind viewed from the study of chimpanzees
Sebanz Natalie Hungary How t(w)o act together
Srinivasan Narayanan India Intentions, control, outcome content, and sense of agency
Verbruggen Frederick Belgium  

Crises, Disasters and Trauma Psychology

Hobfoll Stevan United States of America  
Jacobs Gerard United States of America  
Levanon Talia Israel  
Tehrani Noreen United Kingdom of Great Britain Early Interventions for Traumatic Stress in Emergency Services

Cross-Cultural Psychology

Abubakar Amina Kenya  
Cheung M. C. Fanny China The Need for International & Intersectional Perspectives on Psychology of Women
Guerda Nicolas Haiti  
Idemudia Erhabor South Africa Psychology in Africa versus African Psychology: What context matters?
Khan Katija Trinidad and Tobago Culture vultures and other creatures: Navigating cultural validity in the global psychological landscape
Worrell Frank Trinidad and Tobago Ethnocultural Identities: Stages, Statuses, or Attitudes?
Chen Xiaohua Sylvia Hong Kong Toward Global Consciousness: Current Studies and Future Directions

Developmental Psychology

Längle Alfried Austria  
Richaud Maria Cristina Argentina The relation between socio-emotional development and cognitive development in children
Ramus Franck FRA Epidemiology of cognitive development
Silbereisen Rainer GER How macro social change affects individual behavior and development: New concepts and results

Educational Psychology

Assor Avi Israel  
Elliot Andrew J. United States of America Perceived competitiveness and achievement motivation
Grabner Roland Austria Non-invasive brain stimulation: A promising method to enhance (school) learning?
Graesser Arthur C. United States of America Conversations with computer agents can help adults learn difficult material: A fusion of psychology, AI, education, and linguistics
Singh Nandini C. India DALI - The first standardized assessment tool to identify dyslexia in Indian Languages
Spiel Christiane Austria Turning girls‘ brains pink and boys’ brains blue – the effects of gender stereotypes in education
Spinath Birgit Germany The Importance of Motivation for School Success and Beyond
Tabane Ramodungoane South Africa National Health Insurance and psychological wellness of South African Citizens

Environmental Psychology

Schultz P. Wesley

United States of America

Scaling Psychological Science to Achieve Large Scale Change

Verdugo Victor Corral

Williams Kathryn



Positive environments: Merging human wellbeing with environmental quality

Evolutionary Psychology

Butovskaya Marina

Dixson Barnaby

Russian Federation


Aggression and reproduction in non-industrial societies: do you need to be violent to obtein better reproductive success?


Leongomez Juan David Colombia Human voice modulation: Dynamic signals and social contexts in action
Fernandez Ana Maria Chile Love and jealousy in the context of courtship behavior
Sorokowska Agnieszka Poland Inter-individual differences in olfactory perception
Varella Correa Marco Antonio Brazil Evolutionary Artisticology and the convergent evidence pointing to the evolved status of artistic propensities

Forensic Psychology

Bering Robert Germany Complementary trauma therapy: Myoreflextherapy and Auriculotherapy
Kosinski Michal United States of America  
Pillay Anthony South Africa The minimum age of criminal responsibility needs global alignment and a basis in science
Rawat Samir India Gateways to Self Regulation and Applied Psychology in Military Environments
Vrij Aldert United Kingdom of Great Britain  


Nyberg Lars Sweden Memory, Ageing, and Brain Maintenance

Health Psychology

Blatný Marek Czech Republic  
Menon Anitha Zambia Interpersonal Violence in Lives of Women
O´Connor Daryl United Kingdom of Great Britain  
Mpofu Elias Zimbabwe Faithful Health: Constructing Well-being with Religion Followers
Renner Britta Germany  
Veenhoven Ruut NLD  

Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Korunka Christian AUT Flexible work: Psychological and social aspects of a multifaceted phenomenon
Längl Alfried AUT  

Media Psychology

Billieux Joel Luxembourg  
Livingstone Sonia United Kingdom of Great Britain Children's risks and opportunities in a digital world: a global perspective
Peter Jochen Netherlands  

Methodology in Psychology

Ishtar Govia Jamaica  
Maree David South Africa Re-imagining psychological science: moving beyond epistemic polarities
Meiser Thorsten Germany What's in a Likert response? Psychometric models for measuring traits and response styles.

Military and Space Psychology

Annen Hubert Chile  
Boe Ole Norway Why character strenghts are important for military officers and organizations
Gouws Jacques Canada Military Psychology: A Front Line Role as Peacemaker
Suedfeld Peter Canada  


Bak Thomas United Kingdom of Great Britain  
Bezdíček Ondřej Czech Republic Processing Speed Differentiates Decliners from Successful Agers in Healthy Aging
Crowe Simon Australia The long-term adverse cognitive consequences of the GABA-A agonists alcohol and the benzodiazepines.
Lamm Claus Austria The social neuroscience of empathy - from shared affect to self-other distinction
Landeira-Fernandez Jesus Brazil Neuropsychological aspects of human consciousness: dissociations from animal behavior and artificial intelligence
Mei - Chun Lee Taita Hong Kong  
Reuter Martin Germany  
Suchy Yana United States of America  
Tyrer Stephen United Kingdom of Great Britain  
Varrassi Giustino Malta  


Political Psychology

Auer Stefan Hong Kong Sovereign nations or a sovereign Europe? National sentiments and the search for meaning
Bar-Tal Daniel Israel Human beings and their needs, narratives, and leaders with authoritarian tendencies: Socio-psychological analysis of the deterioration of democracy and the rise of authoritarianism.
Boehnke Klaus Germany Social Cohesion: A Source of Happiness, Wellbeing, and Health?
Mc Farland Sam United States of America All Humanity is One: The Study of Global Human identification and Citizenship
Moghaddam Fathali United Sates of America  
Pratto Felicia United States of America  
Waitoki Moana New Zealand Pedagogy of the survivors: Indigenous psychology as resistance in a colonised land
Winter David United States of America Why might improving the status of women tame power and prevent war?


Positive Psychology

Araujo Ulisess Brazil Active learning methods to foster moral development
Bond Michael Hong Kong Finding cross-cultural psychology: A pilgrim's progress journeying in the Middle Kingdom and beyond
Delle Fave Antonella Italy No discipline is an island: Crossing borders in well-being research
Ruch Willibald Switzerland Character strengths: what are they and what are they good for?
Soosai Lawrence India Altruism as a Pathway for Psychological Well-being: A Cross-Cultural Exploration
Steger Michael United States of America Meaning in Life: What is it, Why should we care, and How do we get it?
Vallerand Robert J. Canada The Role of Passion in Positive Psychology
Vazquez Carmelo Spain  
Wissing Marié South Africa  



Mohanty Ajit

Singer Murray




Validation processes: Monitoring text consistency


Grenyer Brin Australia
 New Directions in the Treatment of Personality Disorder
Iwakabe Shigeru Japan Transforming Painful emotions: Change process research in Psychotherapy
Kyriakos Platrites Cyprus  

Soygüt Pekak Gonca

Längle Alfried



Relational Change in Psychotherapy: Schema Therapy Model


Psychological Counselling

Duarte Maria Eduarda Puerto Rico Counseling promoting open minds, fair societies, and a better world: what counselors can do?
Farias Miguel United Kingdom of Great Britain Fifty years of Meditation Science: Facts, Myths, and Lies
Maree Kobus South Africa Promoting Group Self- and Career Construction Counselling: Linking Conscious Knowledge with Subconscious Insight
Nyklicek Ivan Netherlands Does mindfulness facilitate wellbeing and health? For whom and how?
Timulak Ladislav Ireland Emotion-Focused Therapy for Depression, Anxiety and Related Disorders: a Transdiagnostic Formulation


Psychological Testing and Assessment

Frey Andreas Germany Computerized Adaptive Testing in Psychological Research and Application

Psychology and Ethics

Allan Alfred Australia A reflection on clients' privacy in the first quarter of the 21st century

Psychology of Communication

Scott Sophie United Kingdom of Great Britain The science of laughter

Psychology of Developmental Disorders

Caravolas Markéta United Kingdom of Great Britain  
Spanoudis Georgius Cyprus Typical and atypical development: Investigating the interplay of language and cognitive processes

Psychology of Economics and Business

Ute Stephan United Kingdom of Great Britain  
Joel DiGirolamo United States of America  
Radvan Bahbouh Czech Republic  
Ruth Wageman United States of America  

Psychology of Emotions

Consedine Nathan New Zealand  
Liang Keng-Chen Taiwan A tale of two engrams--Roles of amygdala and hippocampus in fear learning
Matsumoto David United States of America Reflections on Four Decades of Research on Culture, Emotion, and Expression

Psychology of Gender

Gough Brendan United Kingdom of Great Britain  

Psychology of Morality

Flegr Jaroslav Czech Republic Effects of Toxoplasma gondii on human behavior and personality – Twenty-five years after
Klicperová-Baker Martina Czech Republic  
Lawyer Steven USA  
Paulhus Delroy L. Canada Measuring the Dark Side of Personality

Psychology of Personality

Suh Eunkook M. Korea Making Sense of Happiness Findings: Why is Social Experience so Crucial?
Tredoux Colin South Africa  
Yik Michelle Hong Kong  

Psychology of Prevention and Intervention

Sanchez Marizaida Puerto Rico  
Seedat Mohamed South Africa Epistemic Freedom and Epistemic Justice in Community Psychology: Reflections from the South
Suffla Shahnaaz South Africa  

Psychology of Religion

De Zoysa Piyanjali Sri Lanka When East meets West: Reflections on the use of Buddhist derived practices in psychotherapy
Paloutzian Ray United States of America Believing is a Meaning Making Process -- An Integrative Core to Psychological Science
Saroglou Vassilis Belgium Fundamentalism Across Cultures: A Personality and Social Psychology Perspective

Psychology of Sexual Health

Borg Charmaine Netherlands Sexual Arousal and Negative Emotions
Dewitte Marieke Netherlands  
Kamenskov Maxim Russian Federation Assessment of pedophilic disorder with using a binocular eye-tracking system
Klapilová Kateřina Czech Republic Sex and nonverbality in the digital age
Nel Juan South Africa  
Nobre Pedro Portugal  
Pfaus James Canada  
Varella - Valentova Jaroslava Brazil Resolving the evolutionary puzzle of homosexual orientation

Psychology of Sport

Maro Cyprian United Republic of Tanzania  
Mudrák Jiří Czech Republic Systemic approach to the development of excellence: evidence from multiple learning contexts
Seiler Roland Switzerland  
Tenenbaum Gershon United States of America Multi-Faceted Perspective of the Study of Motor Expertise


Maercker Andreas Switzerland Trauma sequelae, human rights, and emerging scientific impulses

Social Psychology

De la Rey Cheryl South Africa  
Gollwitzer Peter Germany Effective Goal Attainment by If-Then Planning
Liu Li China Corruption: A Multi-Level Analysis
Oettingen Gabrielle Grmany  
Roland - Lévy Christine France Psychology during the past Hundred years: Looking at the Past to build a better Future
Van Dick Rolf Germany The social identity approach to effective leadership: A global perspective

School Psychology

Bartolo Paul A. Malta Diversity, social justice and inclusion: Why are we not there yet?
Furman Anton United Sates of America Skills, Expertise and Activities of School Psychologists: Models vs Reality
Juriševič Mojca Slovenia Motivation To Learn: From Present to Future
Murty Wicaksono Ade Iva India Basic Values of Inter Professional Collaboration : A Study of Health Belief Models among Professional Health Human Capital in Indonesia
Partanen Petri Sweden The role of metacognition and executive functions in mathematical learning in school
Pillay Jace South Africa Opening Minds, Societies and the World to Child and Youth Mental Health Challenges through a Web-based Profiling System: Implications for Families, Schools and Communities

Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

Blair Karen United States of America Developing a Global Perspective on LGBTQ Health, Wellness and Resilience
Peel Elizabeth United Kingdom of Great Britain Opening Minds with LGBTIQ Psychology
Pachankis John United States of America The Scientific Pursuit of Sexual and Gender Minority Mental Health Treatments: Toward Evidence-Based Affirmative Practice

Teaching Psychology

Thompson Ava D. Bahamas Realizing a Global Psychology: The Role of Intercultural Dialogue Between Psychologists

Theoretical and General Psychology

Baddeley Alan United Kingdom of Great Britain Working memory: In theory and practice
Beckers Tom Belgium The fiction of memory reconsolidation therapy
Chiu Chi - Yue Singapore The cultural context of mindset-inspired education transformation
Mendez Milagros A. Puerto Rico A decolonizing psychology within a global perspective
Pérez-Almonacid Ricardo Mexico On the (dis)unification of psychology

Traffic Psychology

Chaloupka-Risser Christine Austria Can Traffic Psychology survive in the Era of car automation?
Hu Jiangbi China  
Krems Josef Germany How we want to be driven. Comfort and automation.


Barbarin Oscar United States of America  
Bowman Brett South Africa  
Bulhan Hussein Somalia  
Bullock Merry United States of America  
Cooper Saths South Africa  
Duncan Norman South Africa  

Farley Frank

Garth Steven

Gauthier Janel

United States of America

South Africa


Hagenaars Polli Netherlands  
Goboda-Madikizela Pumla South Africa  
Lang Martin Czech Republic The Role of Evolved Psychological Mechanisms in Religious Rituals
Liu Woon Chia Singapore Developing 21st Century Learners: Good and Bad Motivation(s)?
Mkhize Nhlanhla South Africa  
Pillay Basil South Africa  
Pons Francisco AND  
Ratele Kopano South Africa  

Stubbs-Young Nicora



Swartz Leslie

Van Deventer Vasi

South Africa

South Africa

Disability in the Global South and the silence of psychology