Vasi Van Deventer


Prof Vasi van Deventer is Emeritus Professor at the University of South Africa, where he currently works under contract at the Departments of Psychology and Industrial and Organisational Psychology, being responsible for masters and doctoral supervision and the development of computer-based teaching and learning technologies. He graduated in psychology, computer science and mathematics and completed a masters and PhD degree in psychology. He is a licensed clinical psychologist and consults regularly in industry.  His academic specialisation areas concern diversification of knowledge systems, theory and philosophy in psychology and neuro-cognitive psychology.

He is particularly interested in how self-referential systems manifest at individual, group and organisational Levels, and how 20th century developments in the diverse fields of physics, philosophy and psychology are coming together in a new worldview, supporting and being supported by the digital era. He authored and co-authored numerous book chapters and journal articles, and present regularly at national and international conferences. He is a member of several professional psychological societies and served on the executive of the International Society for Theoretical Psychology for 10 years, 2 of which as president of the society.