Lisa Di Blas

Lisa Di Blas is Associate Professor in Psychometrics at the University of Trieste since 2005. She has got her master degree in Philosophy in 1991, University of Trieste, and her ph.D in Experimental Psychology in 1996, University of Trieste.

Her research is mainly focused on personality assessment from different theories and methods. She has contributed towards the development of personality psycholexical taxonomies from both emic and cross-cultural perspectives.

She has also investigated personality in late childhood as well as adolescence and developed questionnaires aimed at assessing personality from the perspective of 8- to 18-year-old self- and peer raters. Beyond personality changes and vulnerability models in childhood and adolescence from a longitudinal perspective, currently she is mainly focused on personality processes by investigating short-term within-person dynamics.

She has published peer reviewed papers and books and book chapters. She chaired the16th European Conference on Personality.