Mohamed Seedat

Mohamed’s present research is focused on the social anatomy of public protests, grassroots cultures of peace and safety, and the psychologies underlying South Africa’s ongoing and renewed struggles for a decolonised caring society. He has supported community engaged research, the capacitation of next generation socially engaged researchers and academic leaders, and the transformation of writing cultures in the academy.

His body of work, inclusive of regional and international collaborations, contributes to cross-disciplinary compassionate emancipatory scholarship for the 21st century. While wondering about the meanings and enactments of emancipatory community practices and messiness inherent to resisting exclusionary knowledge practices, Mohamed continues to find happiness in transformative work and in the love of family, friends and multiple communities of significance.

He also writes about ways of making the world an inclusive, just and compassionate place. Mohamed Seedat is the current Head of the University of South Africa’s Institute for Social and Health Sciences and directed the South African Medical Research Council-University of South Africa Violence, Injury and Peace Research Unit for nineteen years (2001-2019).