Josef Krems

Josef F. Krems, Professor of Cognitive and Engineering Psychology, graduated at the University of Regensburg in 1980. He then joined the group for Cognitive Psychology as a research assistant and did a PhD in Psychology (1984). For his habilitation (second PhD) he worked on Computer modelling and expert systems (1990). From 1991-1993 he was a Visiting Assistant Professor at Ohio State University, Columbus (OH), where he worked on computational models of diagnostic reasoning. Then he became an Assistant Professor at the Centre for Studies on Cognitive Complexity at the University of Potsdam (1994-1995). Since 1995 he is full professor at Chemnitz University of Technology. In 2006 he was invited as Visiting Professor to Chung-Keng University, Taiwan.

His current research projects are on Electro-mobility, Highly automated driving, Man-Machine Interaction, Usability and User Experience. Professor Krems is involved in the development and test of evaluation procedures for new on-board systems for ISO. He published or co-edited 13 books and more than 170 papers in books, scientific journals or congress proceedings.