Christian Korunka

Christian Korunka, PhD
Professor for Work and Organizational Psychology; Faculty of Psychology, University of Vienna


Work in transition, quality of working life; new job demands, new forms of work, effects of ICT on quality of working life, flexible work, Entrepreneurship and family businesses

Current research projects: Cognitive Demands and Flexible work (FWF); Boundaryless work (Austrian Academy of Science); 

Author of about 90 journal articles and 90 book chapters. Invited lectures at international and national conferences.

Teaching and Administration

Lectures and seminars in the field of Work & Organizational Psychology, Master seminars, PhD seminars

Deputy director of studies in psychology; Master & PhD

Head of the postgraduate training program “Psychotherapeutisches Propädeutikum”, lectures and seminars in the field of psychotherapy

Selected Publications since 2014

Bunner, J. & Korunka, C. (2018). Sicherheitsfachkräfte im Betrieb. Wien: Facultas.

Gerdenitsch, C. & Korunka. C. (2018). Digitale Transformation der Arbeitswelt.  Berlin: Springer.

Prem, R., Scheel. T., Hoffmann, K. & Korunka, C. (2018) Procrastination in Daily working life. Frontiers in Psychology.

Prem, R. Ohly, S., Kubick, B. & Korunka, C. (2018) Exploring the ambivalence of time pressure in daily working life. International Journal of Stress Management.

Korunka, C. & Kubicek B. (2017). Job demands in a changing world of work. New York/Amsterdam: Springer Publishers.

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Kubicek, B. & Korunka, C. (2017). Job demands in a changing world of work. In R. Burke & K. Page (Eds), Research Handbook on work and well-being. Cheltenham, UK: Elgar.