Kateřina Klapilová

MSc. Kateřina Klapilová, Ph. D. (ECPS)
Email: katerina.klapilova@seznam.cz; katerina.klapilova@nudz.cz
Web: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Kateina_Klapilova/; www.sexlabnudz.cz/klapilova

MSc. Kateřina Klapilová, Ph. D. (ECPS) is the founder and senior researcher at the Laboratory of Evolutionary Sexology and Psychopathology of the National Institute of Mental Health, Czech Republic, the first laboratory in the country which specializes in sexuality-related research. Since 2008, she holds the post of assistant professor at the Faculty of Humanities, Charles University, Prague. She focuses on the research of human sexuality from psychological and medical point of view and her specialty is integration of evolutionary theoretical background into the field. She identifies herself as experimental psychosexuologist. She is member of key local and international sexological societies and consortiums (e.g. ISSM/ESSM, IASR, COST European Sexual Medicine Network). She authored or coauthored over 30 international publications in peer-reviewed and impacted journals.

Her main research interest are: testing of physiological sexual response by application of psychophysiological measures, basic research of paraphilic sexual interests, national surveys of sexual behavior and preferences, research of sexual fantasies and pornography use, hormones and sexual behavior, sexuality of psychiatric patients, and sexuality and new trends and technologies. 

Her laboratory has recently provided data on the distribution of usual and unusual sexual preferences and practices in the Czech population, explores behavioral and cognitive patterns of courtship and nonverbal dyadic behavior in sexual development and sexual health. With her team, Klapilová worked on projects focused on exploration of neural activity and attentional and behavioral patterns specific for criminal/noncriminal pedohebefiles and adult sexual offenders and continues to develop stimuli sets for assessment and treatment evaluations (including continuous development of virtual stimuli). She recently became the principal investigator and main guarantor of the development and evaluation of primary intervention program for noncriminal self-identified paraphilics in the Czech Republic.