Anitha Menon

Prof. Anitha Menon is a faculty member in the Department of Psychology, University of Zambia and the Chairperson for University of Zambia Committee on HIV and AIDS. She is also the Founding President of the Psychology Association of Zambia. Prof. Menon holds PhD in Health Psychology from University of Nottingham, UK.

For more than 20 years Prof. Menon has been actively involved in various researches and service related projects pertaining to areas on public interest, her major research interest pertains to the issue of HIV and well-being and psychological well-being of adolescents, Gender Based Violence, Neuropsychological Challenges of HIV, and Communication Skills of Health Practitioners.

She has several publications on various national and international journals and has been featured in various media reports. She was the recipient of the award for the Best Professor in Psychology from World Education Congress (2012) and the Change Fellowship (2012), received the ‘Women Leadership Achievement Award’ from Women’s Leadership Congress (2014),  the Labour Day Award from University of Zambia for Innovation and Excellence in May 2014, Most Influential Woman in Education and Training sector from CEO global -Country and Regional Awards (September 2017), Continental Award (November 2017), UK Alumi award for Professional Achievement from sub-Saharan Africa (May 2018).