Marco A. C. Varella

Marco A. C. Varella is currently a postdoctorate candidate on Evolutionary Artisticology at the Institute of Psychology from University of São Paulo- Brazil. He did a postdoctoral on Twinning/Behavioral Genetics at the Institute of Psychology from University of São Paulo (2017-18). He was a bilingual Science teacher in Basic School and Biology teacher in High School at the Escola Internacional Alphaville (2015-16). He was a Substitute Professor at the Dept. of Basic Psychological Processes in Institute of Psychology at University of Brasília (2013-14). He has Teaching degree (2003) and Bachelor of Science degree (2004) in Biology from UNESP.

He received his degrees of Master of Science (2007)  and Ph.D. (2011) in Experimental Psychology at the Institute of Psychology from University of São Paulo. He was a visiting student at The NeuroArts Lab. in the Dep. of Psychology, Neuroscience & Behavior at McMaster University - Hamilton, ON, Canada (2010). He is a reviewer for Revista Estudos de Psicologia (Natal) and a reviewer editor at Evolutionary Psychology section in Frontiers of Psychology.

He is/was a member of the International Society for the History, Philosophy, and Social Studies of Biology, International Society for Human Ethology, Animal Behavior Society, Brazilian Society of Neuroscience and Behavior, Brazilian Society of Ethology, Brazilian Association of Cognition and Musical Arts. His expertise is on Ethology, Experimental Psychology and Evolutionary Biology, with emphasis on Human Behavior - Evolutionary Psychology, Evolutionary Musicology and Evolutionary Aesthetics, focusing on: misunderstandings and teaching Human Evolution, psychological underpinnings of anthropomorphism, evolution of human ignorance, sexual selection, mate choice/preferences, sexual strategies, intra/intersexual differences, vocational interests and career-choice, paleoarts aesthetics, and evolution of musical/artistic propensities and motivations.

He has many international collaborations and publishes in journals such as Scientific Reports, Personality and Individual Differences, Evolution and Human Behavior, Frontiers in Psychology, Behavioural Processes, Archives of Sexual Behaviors, Rock Art Research, American Journal of Human Biology, Advances in Methods and Practices in Psychological Sciences. He has in ScienceBlogs Brazil the blog 'MARCO EVOLUTIVO - Evolution and Human Behavior' and also did freelance as science and health reporter for companies such as Folha de S.Paulo and Natura.