Political Psychology Working Group

Martina Klicperová
Martina Klicperová

Czech Academy of Sciences, Department of Psychology, Czech Republic

Daniel Bar-Tal
Daniel Bar-Tal
Vice Chair

School of Education,Tel Aviv University

Working group members:

  • Jan Šerek
  • Lenka Hrbková

The Political Psychology working group invites coverage of a variety of themes of research as well as applications. They include: Political communication and public opinion; political behaviour, political culture and leadership; conflict, violence and peace; authoritarian vs. democratic personality and education for democratic citizenship; psychohistory, modernity and post-modern trends.

Special attention will be paid to:

(a) topical and controversial themes such as inequality, globalization, immigration and terrorism

(b) socially desirable agendas, such as peaceful coexistence, bridging of social, religious, racial and ideological divides, cultivation of democratic values, democratization, social responsibility of citizens and psychologists;

(c) recruiting leading experts in the field, as well as participants from diverse and developing countries.