School Psychology Working Group

Bohumíra Lazarová
Bohumíra Lazarová

Department of Educational Sciences, Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic

Kateřina Bartošová
Kateřina Bartošová
Vice Chair

Department of Psychology, Faculty of Education, Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic

Working group members:

  • Jiří Mareš (CZ)
  • Eva Gajdošová (SK)      
  • Chris Arnold (UK)    
  • Elinor Schad (SE)
  • Sara Bahia (PT)

School psychology is an applied discipline of psychology comprising a variety of psychological topics related to life of teachers, pupils and other school subjects. The research in school psychology  focuses on the factors affecting the processes of learning and teaching as well as the overall experiencing, behaviour and personal development of all school actors: pupils, teachers, school leaders, parents and others. Following scientific knowledge,  pupils,  class groups, teachers, teaching and learning  processes examination, school psychologists apply interventions, development activities and programmes, thus becoming agents of positive changes in schools of all types. ICP 2020 will make possible to share a varied range of knowledge and experience in school psychology and lead lively and useful discussions among academics, researchers and psychologists in school practice.

Key topics

  • School psychology and the health in schools
  • The role of school psychologist in inclusive education
  • School psychologists as „change agents“ in schools
  • Evidence-based approaches in school psychological interventions
  • New challenges for school psychologists in 21. century