Psychology of Economics and Business Working Group

Eva Höschlová
Eva Höschlová

Charles University, Faculty of Arts, Department of Psychology

Pavlína Honsová
Pavlína Honsová
Vice Chair

University of Economics, Department of Managerial Psychology and Sociology

Working group members:

  • PhDr. Mgr. Pavlína Honsová (CZ)
  • Doc. MUDr. Radvan Bahbouh, Ph.D. (CZ)
  • Doc. PhDr. Ing. Eva Jarošová Ph.D. (CZ)
  • Mgr. Ing. Marek Vranka (CZ)
  • Pauline Willis MAPS CPsychol CSci (UK)

Economic psychology is an emerging discipline describing psychological aspects of people’s decision making processes and behavior patterns in economic situations as well as the effect of economic issues in society on people's mental life and behavior . In cooperation with behavioral economics, this cross-disciplinary research field aims to bring a new insights into areas such as spending and saving behavior, economic socialization, consumer preferences and behavior….

Business Psychology is an applied science focusing on business efficiency and functioning. It promotes best practice in organizational environment and applies insights from psychological knowledge to wide range of contemporary organisational problems such as managing change, talent and leadership development...

Key topics:

  • Managing change and improving decisions in organizations and societies
  • Consumers and their attitudes, preferences, and behaviours
  • Trust, cooperation and competition of individuals, teams and organizations
  • Leadership and culture within organizations and societies as key factors improving
  • People’s productivity, well-being and happiness
  • Coaching and mentoring as a way to support personal development and organizational
  • Innovation