Psychological Testing and Assesment Working Group

Tomáš Urbánek
Tomáš Urbánek

Institute of Psychology, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic

Jiří Širůček
Jiří Širůček
Vice Chair

Masaryk University

Psychological assessment is one of the main pillars of psychological practice. It is used in all applications of psychology. The aim of psychological assessment is to contribute to the understanding of personality of individual people - their abilities, characteristics, conditions, manifestations, development and pathology. These findings are applied into the practice by clinical and psychometric approaches.

Psychological assessment experiences dynamic development which reflects specific needs of the psychological practice. New procedures and methods are being established within the frame of psychological assessment, presently they are often interconnected with electronic systems (software applications, imaging methods, etc…).

The international cooperation of psychologists in the context of psychological assessment is more than desired and needed because the establishment of new procedures and methods of psychological assessment are not and cannot be limited by the developments in just one country. The practice of psychological assessment testifies to the continuous adaptation of psychological assessment methods in different countries.

Core topics:

  • New possibilities and procedures in psycho-diagnostic thinking and psychological assessment practice
  • Current trends in the field of psychological assessment of personality - abilities, characteristics, conditions, manifestations, development, and pathology
  • Current research trends in the field of psychological assessment
  • The development of new methods of psychological assessment
  • The importance of psychological assessment in psychological practice