Psychological Counselling Working Group

Nina Schautová
Nina Schautová

Psychologist and Psychotherapist

Pavlína Honsová
Pavlína Honsová
Vice Chair

University of Economics, Department of Managerial Psychology and Sociology

Working group members:

  • Mgr. Petr Doležal (FSS MU, CZ)                 
  • PhDr. Eva Höschlová, Ph.D. (FFUK, CZ)   
  • PhDr. Dagmar Doubková (CZ)                    
  • Doc. MUDr. Radvan Bahbouh, Ph.D. (FFUK, CZ) 
  • Doc. PhDr. Ing. Eva Jarošová Ph.D. (VŠE, CZ)  
  • Ladislav Timulak Ph.D. (Dublin, IRL)   
  • Mgr. Veronika Motlová Ph.D.  (CZ)     

Counselling psychology is a practical discipline aiming at helping people thrive as they evolve throughout the lifetime. It focuses on research and interventions to help people cope with main challenges they face across lifetime as individuals, as part of their families, and as members of social groups and organizations. Counselling psychology supports their personal growth as a member of the society, addressing mainly the emotional, social, relational and work areas.

Counselling Psychology encompasses a broad range of culturally-sensitive practices. Counselling Psychology uniquely focuses on both, normal developmental issues and problems associated with physical, emotional, and mental disorders.

Key topics:

  • Transitions in a lifetime - from school to building a career, from family to individual to new family and/or second family, maturing at work and moving into retirement
  • Managing change - thriving in the ever changing world of the 21st century
  • Efficient and effective counselling - measuring the effects of counselling, looking for the common factors of counselling efficacy and evidence based interventions
  • Supporting mental health and happiness - healthy self, strong relationships and a sense of belonging, diversity of experiences, mindfulness, sense of purpose, and more
  • Diversity and integration - stepping up to the challenges of migration
  • Using psychometric measures in counselling - assessment and development of new measures