Methodology in Psychology Working Group

Marek Vranka
Marek Vranka

Faculty of Arts & Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University, Czech Republic

Štěpán Bahník
Štěpán Bahník
Vice Chair

Faculty of Business Administration, University of Economics in Prague, Czech Republic

Working group members:

  • Hynek Cígler (FSS MUNI)
  • Stanislav Ježek (FSS MUNI)
  • Jiří Lukavský (FF UK)
  • Aleš Neusar (FF UP)

In the last ten years, methodology in psychology underwent dramatic developments. Methodological practices that used to be considered standard were convincingly exposed as problematic and many classical textbook findings failed to replicate, which led many to question the reliability of the existing research literature. On the other hand, technological advances made large-scale collaborations possible, offered ways to make research more transparent and open, and made a wide range of powerful statistical and data-collection tools freely available to researchers. Currently, it is necessary to identify the best ways how these positive developments can be sustained, expand and transferred into practice.

Key topics:

  • Open Science and Psychology
  • Improvements of Statistical Practice in Psychological Research (Applied Statistics)
  • New Tools for Psychological Research
  • Questionable Research Practices and How to Eliminate Them
  •  ...