Evolutionary Psychology Working Group

Jitka Lindová
Jitka Lindová

Faculty of Humanities, Charles University, National Institute of Mental Health, Klecany

Working group members:

  • Karel Kleisner
  • Tereza Zikánová
  • Adil Saribay

The thematic area of Evolutionary Psychology integrates evolutionary studies on human behaviour and psychological phenomena, as practiced within the fields of evolutionary psychology, human ethology, human behavioural ecology, etc., and theoretical concepts focused on co-evolution of biology and culture. The evolutionary approach is characterized by a comparative approach to human psychology and culture, and by an intention to identify systematic patterns of human behavior and explain their evolutionary causes.

The thematic area of Evolutionary Psychology invites researchers from the field of psychology, as well as related disciplines as evolutionary biology, anthropology and others, who use a variety of methods ranging from experimentation through observation to qualitative design. The area covers evolutionary oriented research on human mating and interpersonal relationships, human perception, motivation, emotionality and cognitive skills, evolutionary perspective on human development, as well as the evolutionary interpretation of culture and social/cultural phenomena, including altruism and conflict. Also welcome are researchers from applied evolutionary science, such as evolutionary psychiatry.