Clinical Psychology Working Group

Radek Ptáček
Radek Ptáček

Psychiatrická Klinika, 1.LF UK a VFN, Praha

Ellen Braaten
Ellen Braaten

Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard University

Mabel Virginia Rodriguez Manchola
Mabel Virginia Rodriguez Manchola

National Institute of Mental Health, Czech Republic

Members of the group :

  • Mark Alan Blais, PSY.D.
  • Lenka Krámská
  • Jaroslava Raudenská
  • Alena Javůrková
  • Pavel Král
  • Michal Goetz
  • Pavel Harsa
  • Edel Sanders
  • Hillary Kloss
  • Simon Weissenberger
  • Martina Vňuková

Section of Clinical Psychology :

Clinical psychology aims to integrate the scientific theory and clinical knowledge in order to better understand and prevent psychologically based distress and its wider application it focuses on promotion of well-being and personal growth. Our working group combines co-operation of psychologists from different backgrounds and different schools of thought in order to provide well balanced view on current issues in clinical psychology.

Core topics:

  1. Current research in clinical psychology
  2. Integration of clinical psychology into medicine
  3. Clinical assessment
  4. Clinical child psychology
  5. Clinical psychology with eldery
  6. Cross cultural issues in clinical psychology
  7. Psychopathology in the context of clinical psychology
  8. Promotion of mental health
  9. Role of family and social support
  10. Ethical issues in clinical psychology