Samir Rawat

President & Chief Operating Psychologist
Military MIND Academy,
Pune in India 

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Lt Col Dr Samir Rawat is a combat veteran and a cognitive-behavioural psychologist from India; he has extensive experience in strengthening intrapersonal and interpersonal skills development with individuals and among teams. He is a decorated soldier with proven leadership skills in Siachen Glacier, which, at 21000 ft is the highest battlefield in the world where he commanded an Infantry rifle company as a volunteer Officer. He was also conferred a President’s gallantry award for recapturing enemy held positions during Kargil operations in 1999.

With a PhD. in Psychology, Masters in Management and a M.Phil in Defence & Strategic Studies, he brings with him over three decades of experience in training and human resource optimization. He is a guest speaker at well known international think tanks and academic and military institutions; he has written, published as well as presented psychology and military papers in National as well as International conferences in India and abroad; he organises WARMCAMP International Military Psychology Conference in India annually and is a regular participant at annual military psychology conferences abroad. He has been cited in leading newspapers in India and abroad and has edited eight books on military psychology with authors from over sixteen different countries and has also contributed book chapters in over a dozen military psychology books which have been published across six countries. Dr Samir Rawat has taught a diverse group of population ranging from military recruits, cadets, young officers, commanding officers of the Armed forces, Para Military Forces and friendly foreign countries as well as admirals and their spouses, uniformed and non uniformed psychologists, senior military leadership in India and abroad   .More recently, he has conducted workshops and been a keynote speaker in military institutions in Romania, Serbia, Norway and Poland as well as for NATO in 2018.

Besides providing learning and development initiatives in diverse domains across verticals, Dr Samir Rawat is concurrently pursuing his doctoral research in management with an emphasis on self regulation, teamwork and leadership. In his spare time, he enjoys gardening as well as motorcycling and is a member of the Harley owners group (HOG).