Kateřina Bernardová


After completing the study of single-subject psychology at Charles University in Prague, she dealt with applied forensic, penitentiary and military psychology first within the Penitentiary Service of the Czech Republic, then in the Czech Republic's Defense Department.

Psychologist, researcher, founder of several professional workplaces and leader of long-term projects to support the functioning of human resources within in the Army of the Czech Republic and the Ministry of Defense of the Czech Republic. She worked with her team on the territory of the Czech Republic and at the place of deployment of Czech soldiers in foreign military missions in Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq, Kuwait and Afghanistan. She is co-founder of the Psychological Service of the Army of the Czech Republic she methodically managed. After 25 years, she terminated her employment relationship and joined QED GROUP, where she has been working until now.


In practice, she focuses on expert, counseling and consulting activities in the area of ​​leadership and management of people using SOCIAL RESEARCH, sociodiagnostics through the SOCIOMAPPING method, leadership development, team and individual coaching, teamwork and team development workshops, soft skills training, psychological and psychosocial counseling, crisis intervention and psychological assistance in overcoming traumatic life experiences and managing extremely difficult or tough situations.


The core area of ​​her current team is Cosmic Research, focused on the analysis of human behavior in  long-term space flights of gender mixed crews. Currently in the international project NASA and the Russian Academy of Sciences (IMBP) - "SIRIUS 2017-2022" - simulating differently long space flights into the near and deep universe.