ICP 2020+ Switching in-person to an on-line attendance format

Dear colleagues,

Hope this message will find you well and safe.

First of all we would like to thank you for your patience and the loyalty to stay with us for one more year for the upcoming ICP 2020+, we really appreciate it.

As you know the upcoming ICP 2020+ will be held as a Hybrid event. It means that you can choose up to your preference if you want to attend in-person or on-line. We have your registration stated as an in-person delegate/student. As the situation is still unpredictable and more and more participants want to attend online we would like to make the process more easier for you and to get the partial refund to you as soon as possible despite it is written in the Guidelines that all refunds will be processed after the congress.

For more information and the steps please read the guidance HERE.