Switch my in-person registration to on-line

Dear colleagues,

the on-line registration fees were announced and based on the current situation we offer the possibility for those who are not able to come to Prague and were registered for in-person attendance in 2021 to switch the type to on-line with a partial refund. If you want to make that kind of change, please fill in the form HERE. We will arrange that change for you.

Switching between the attendance format with partial refund or partial payment is available for everyone till June 15th. After this deadline, it will be possible to switch from in-person to on-line attendance with a partial refund only based on:

/1/restrictions provided by the Czech Ministry of Interior or responsible authorities of the delegate’s state

/2/ certified medical report.

If the conditions /1/ and /2/ are not met after June 15th switching to on-line attendance is possible but with no refund.